Jack Frederick

Rocket Scientist

Jack presents STEM education seminars based on his career and life experience in rocket design and test with NASA, Raytheon and Morton-Thiokol. He began building rockets at the age of six under the tutelage of his older brothers (he still has two hands and ten fingers!)

Jack holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with extensive experience in rocket design, development and testing. He holds a Black Belt in Six Sigma and served as an instructor in the Raytheon Program Management College and on the Steering Committee. In 2002 the United Nations asked Jack to serve as an UNMOVIC Weapons inspector in Baghdad.

Mr. Frederick has served as advisor on STEM education to the State of Alabama (AMSTI & AMSTEC) and Florida (FCR STEM), Atlanta Public Schools, UMass Young Scholar Program and the NSF TEAM Math Project led by Auburn & Tuskegee Universities.

He’s been happily married to Gail for 40 years. They have 3 children, two foster daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 4 grandchildren and a very large dog named Hodor (South African Mastiff).